Regularly scheduled DDA board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. at the DDA office
located at 936 Broad Street, Suite 107. This is a tentative schedule. Please call 706-722-8000 to confirm.
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Welcome to Downtown Augusta, GA! Situated along the picturesque Savannah Riverfront featuring paths, magnificent vistas and open spaces, Downtown Augusta, GA is bound by the river to the north, Walton Way to the south, 5th Street to the east and the medical district to the west. Its well-designed network of roadways and sidewalks makes downtown easily accessible.

The downtown area is home to a majority of Augusta, GA’s tourism generators, including museums, performing arts centers and professional sports teams. A beautiful riverfront serves as a popular gathering place for daily lunches and conversation breaks, as well as a main stage for outdoor entertainment throughout the year.

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Downtown Augusta Parking

Click Here to download the Downtown Development Authority of Augusta's Proposed Parking Management Plan for the Broad Street Corridor Powerpoint Presentation

Augusta, GA – The Downtown Development Authority has extended its data-collection efforts in conjunction with its proposal to install a limited number of meters in on-street parking spaces in downtown Augusta.
     In the weeks ahead, additional public meetings will be scheduled to continue the productive discussions about how to make downtown Augusta a better place to live, work and play, including how to coordinate the needs of downtown customers, workers and residents for safe, convenient parking. The DDA will continue to identify a variety of alternatives to on-street parking throughout the downtown area and plans to produce a comprehensive catalog of locations and pricing for these options along with a map.
    DDA Executive Director Margaret Woodard said the amount of public interest the proposal has generated is producing a surge of interest in downtown improvement that merits further dialogue before the proposal is offered to the City/County Commission.
   “During the discussion on parking meters that began on Dec. 17, a large number of thoughtful, valuable ideas emerged on how to make downtown a better place to live, work and play,” Woodard said. “Many people voiced their suggestions for better downtown quality of life and a strong desire to see downtown’s revitalization gain even greater momentum. We want to continue collecting these important observations and incorporate them before taking our next step.”
   Woodard said the public opposition that has emerged since the DDA proposed parking meters for downtown has adjusted the authority’s parking management strategy.

   “The parking proposal was just that,” Woodard said. “It was a suggestion for how we might manage our parking resources better using recent research and cutting-edge technology. Our proposal was intended to initiate discussion, gauge public sentiment and incorporate new ideas emerging from the public dialogue before implementation begins.”